Hey there. I'm known as proteh or dcealopez in the online world. This website serves as some sort of an "online portfolio" for myself and a place to share helpful tools and projects I've made over the years.

I taught myself programming when I was a kid and in my early teens by making classic Doom mods and source-port forks, and contributed to several open-source projects. I now work as a full-time software engineer at a consulting company.

Programming skills

I mainly use high-level languages such as C# or Java, and for some rare ocassions I use C or C++ when I need to do some low-level work. Although I'm not a web developer, I also know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. For instance, this website was made entirely from scratch and also uses SQLite and a Node.js Express server for this specific project.

Link to my GitHub profile.

Link to my Bitbucket profile.

Miscellaneous skills

I work with both Linux and Windows professionally and I can speak English and Spanish fluently.


I run a YouTube channel where I ocasionally upload random videos from fast-paced shooter and racing games, and also some guitar covers. Oh yeah, I can play the guitar and I've been doing so for 10+ years.